Time by Album

Some people mark time by the photos on their timeline. Or a watch. Or tattoos. Or how big their family gets. Or what level they’ve achieved on a game. I mark time with albums. I listen to them whole, and wholly. I can honestly pick up any old CD or play a record I haven’t listened to in forever & remember exactly where I was when I first heard it.  I feel the faint reflection of the emotional state I was in when the song actually “hit” me. Feel the coolness of a shaded path and dull thud of soft dirt at my feet. Music is even better when it’s shared with friends. All the more memories!  But, there are those tracks that can be so personal, they’re only ever yours. People ask me all the time, “Why do you do, what you do?” Well, I’m in music for a reason: I love it. 


Well then, let’s get started

New Semester, New schedule. 

Just posting this so I have the accountability of completing these things:

  • Post monthly or bi-weekly to this blog & SoCal Indie Musicians blog
  • Paint monthly
  • Draw weekly
  • Guitar daily
  • Actually do all of my English hwk on time to the best of my abilities, and not just for the grade
  • YouTube monthly

These are just general guidelines for myself on how to use my time when I’m not at my normal job.  I know I spend too much time on Netflix (don’t we all?).  Might as well keep my artistic skills in line and social media up to date. 

What do you do to keep your skills sharp?  Do you have your own schedules?  Comment below, I’d be glad to read it.