DPChallenge: What got me started




Just a rant. No idea what got me started. I don’t remember a time where I didn’t understand words or how to write. Even when I couldn’t physically write well, with a large pencil and hugely lined paper, I still enjoyed it. Even if I was writing nothing. The glide of a pen across paper is soothing to me. I also draw and paint, so maybe it began by liking those instruments and grew as I could understand more. I love words as well. The way they sound/can be spoken, even the look of a written or typed word. Not to mention their meaning and effect. It’s almost infinite, especially in more than one language. I’ve spent years, since my freshman year in high school, learning français and I’ve still merely scratched the surface. Words are how we , humans, understand each other. It’s what connects us; without words, we would be strangers.


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